Chicago teachers' strike is over, students and educators will return to school on Friday, mayor says

More than 25,000 Chicago teachers will return to school on Friday after an 11-day strike in the nation's third-largest school system ended, with a tentative deal ensuring millions of dollars to reduce class sizes and bring more nurses and social workers on campuses.

Classes will resume for some 300,000 public school students, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Thursday in announcing the strike's end.Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union reached an agreement that will result in five days of classes being made up. The union wanted twice as many days to be added to the calendar but settled on the compromise, both sides said.Late Wednesday, the union agreed to the five-year contract agreement with CPS but the union said it wanted a firm commitment that the days the students missed would be added to the calendar.Union members went to City Hall Thursday to ask for the extra school days.The compromise marked a reversal of Lightfoot's initial position. She had said teachers would not get the days back from when they were on strike and that pushing the issue would just keep students out of school longer."In the interest of our students and our parents who have been suffering, it was important to me to make sure that we got our kids back in class," Lightfoot said. "Enough is enough. And so, in the spirit of compromise, we agreed. It was a hard-fought discussion, took us a lot of time to get there but I think this is the right thing ultimately for our city."

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