Booing Trump is giving him what he deserves

Another sporting event, another cascade of boos hurled at President Donald Trump. Though booing of politicians is not that unusual, it sure seems like Trump is making booing him at sporting events America's newest pastime. And the boos, perhaps on their own unremarkable, signify a growing swath of the American population may be unhappy with the President's job performance.

Obeidallah The latest example took place Saturday night when Trump attend the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at Madison Square Garden. Apparently, the "fighting" in the nation's capital wasn't enough for Trump so he needed to spend his weekend watching more. When Trump entered the famous sporting arena, according to CNN, he was "met with loud, sustained boos," along with some cheers. Of note, according to ESPN reporter Ariel Helwani, Trump was not shown on the big screen when he entered, begging the question -- was this potentially done by design to avoid more boos?Still, Saturday night's UFC response was far better than the reaction Trump received last Sunday night when he attended Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, DC. There, when Trump was shown on the stadium's large screen, the crowd began booing him loudly -- to the point it reached an estimated nearly 100 decibels. To put that in context, the CDC notes that sustained exposure to that level of sound for 15 minutes or more can cause hearing loss after routine or repeated exposure. The boisterous booing was then followed up by chants of "Lock him up."Not surprisingly, both events trended on Trump's favorite social media platform, Twitter. After the World Series game, #TrumpBooed dominated, while on Sunday morning, #TrumpBooedagain was a leading hashtag.

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