Posted By: Renee Anthony

1. ACT Change Will Allow Students to Retake Individual Sections

High school students will find the intense pressure to present their best efforts on the ACT exam a bit easier next year as they buckle down to the competitive college admissions process.

Officials at ACT, which makes the exam, said on Tuesday that starting next September, students who want to improve their scores would be able to retake single sections of the five-part test, which lasts about three hours, instead of sitting for all of them again. The change would allow students to avoid getting worse marks on sections they had taken earlier.

2. College Admissions Scandal: Parent Gets 4 Months in Brazen Scheme

BOSTON — The ruse was flagrant: The father ordered water polo gear online and had his son pose in it for a photograph in the family’s swimming pool. He then hired a graphic designer to enhance the photo, another piece in a scheme to pass his son off as a water polo player and secure admission to the University of Southern California — for the price of $250,000, some of it paid as a bribe to a U.S.C. official.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been threatened with the possibility of jail after a judge deemed she was violating a court order for continuing to collect student debts on a now-defunct school.

That ruling, handed down in June of 2018, was made by U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim and prevented DeVos and her Department of Education for going after former students at the bankrupt Corinthian Colleges Inc.

4. Pittsburgh Public Schools launches pilot program to diversify teacher workforce

Pittsburgh Public Schools is launching a pilot program this school year that would enable classroom aides to become teachers and earn the required state certification, an initiative designed to narrow racial disparities between the district’s students and instructors.

Under the Para2Teacher program, selected paraprofessionals will earn a two-year master’s degree in education online while continuing to work in the district.