Posted By: Renee Anthony

1. The US is adding jobs, but not in retail. The industry shed 11,400 jobs last month.

2. The U.S. government reported on Friday that the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.5%, a new 50-year low.
But over the last month, retail axed 11,400 jobs.
Since reaching a peak in January 2017, retail trade has lost 197,000 jobs.

3. “Joker” has highest October opening weekend of all-time, hauls in $93.5 million in the US. The predictions for the gritty film had been all over the map, with some forecasting a $50 million opening, while others thought the film would see $100 million, or more.

4. The metal band Slayer made $10 million on merchandise this year and it’s not because of Kendall Jenner. Slayer is an iconic band in the world of heavy metal, but their closest brush with the mainstream when Kendall Jenner was photograph wearing one of the group's t-shirts after guitarist Gary Holt was seen on stage wearing one that said: "Kill The Kardashians"